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In an effort to stay informed on the constantly changing global markets, Mitch Zacks reflects weekly on current market conditions and state of the economy.

By March 2017, this will be the 3rd longest U.S. economic expansion since 1900; the bull market is now the 2nd longest in history.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Bond Bear Emerging?

After 30+ years of hibernation, bond bears are emerging.

The Schiller Cyclically Adjusted P/E(CAPE) Ratio recently hit '28' which, for some news outlets, "looks terrifying right now" signaling the stock market may be "dangerously expensive."

There is growing fascination with the Dow Jones Industrial Average(DJIA) hitting 20,000.

In early 2016, I noted stocks would perform better this year than in 2015.

During this year of modest economic growth, falling unemployment, rising income and strong stock performance, the Federal Reserve mostly stayed pat.

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