US News - How to Decide if a Mutual Fund or ETF is Right for You - 11/30/2016

“For many investors, deciding between a mutual fund or an exchange-traded fund as the preferred investment method can be a confusing process.

“The decision is largely philosophical,” says Eric Hutchinson, a managing director at United Capital in Little Rock, Arkansas. “It should be based on your goals, objectives and comfort level with each option.”

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The Street - Four Stocks That Could Benefit from a Trump Presidency - 11/20/2016

‘If President Elect Trump really plans to build that wall, not to mention a slew of bridges and tunnels, then investors better pick-up some shares of Caterpillar (CAT) , said Peter H.’

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NASDAQ - Four Trump Stocks with the Legs to Run Higher Video - 12/2016

Kiplinger - Why Interest Rates Matter? - 2/2017

How Federal Reserve rate hikes and rising bond yields affect the economy and your investment strategy.

What do interest rates represent? Who, or what sets interest rates?

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Wall Street Journal - Is Donald Trump’s Trade Talk Confusing on Purpose? - 12/22/2016

Some experts see a strategy for approaching negotiations with China and other countries

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump threatened across-the-board tariffs on Mexico and China. He also warned he would “break” the North American Free Trade Agreement.

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Harvard Daily Blog - Negotiation Techniques To Get New Business Partnerships Off on the Right Foot - 12/22/2016

‘ “A huge mistake.” “A shot in the dark.” “An audacious move.” Those are a few of the media’s characterizations of wireless carrier AT&T’s acquisition of media and entertainment firm Time Warner, announced on October 22, 2016, for $85.4 billion.’

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CNBC - Investors: Forget Trump and focus on Fed rate hike - 12/15/2016

‘There’s a big distraction that could trip up investors as the stock indexes hit record highs and the Dow, in particular, flirts with 20,000: President-elect Donald Trump. Euphoria over what may lie ahead for the U.S. economy has been the big market mover — not market fundamentals, experts concur. Wednesday’s drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average proves the point. After the Fed announced it is steadily raising rates through next year, stocks swung wildly and the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down about 120 points, finishing at 19,792.’

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CNBC - Media groups like News Corp. lost the one thing that gave them an advantage: Analyst - 11/7/2016

‘Analysts say media companies like News Corp. are no longer as lucrative because they lack the one thing that used to give them an advantage: exclusive distribution.’

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Fortune – Why AT&T Is Making a Huge Mistake by Acquiring Time Warner - 10/28/2016

‘In promoting its proposed $100-billion acquisition of Time Warner, AT&T argues that the merger of the two companies will produce all kinds of synergies between the content business and the telecom/distribution business.
But at least one prominent fund manager begs to differ.’

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The Australian - US election: Donald Trump's big gamble on supply-side plan - 11/4/2016

‘If Donald Trump wins on Tuesday, Americans will have voted, probably unwittingly, for a huge experiment in supply-side economics, which holds that cutting taxes generates an offsetting growth and ingenuity dividend.’

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