Right People, Depth of Expertise and Focus on our Customers

Having the right people on your team makes the difference. We have a team that has the depth of experience, skill sets and strong inter-personal skills that help our clients address their financial investment needs.

Putting Clients’ Interests First – For Decades

From the very beginning, Zacks Investment Management’s top priority has been satisfying our customers. Our parent company, Zacks Investment Research, began by providing our independent equity research to institutional clients in 1978. We believe that research prowess proved so invaluable and so trusted that Zacks Investment Research is now one of the largest independent equity research firms in North America.

In 1992, we decided we wanted to do more with our respected research than just sell it. We wanted to put it in service of clients, and work with them personally to help them build wealth. So began Zacks Investment Management.

We’ve grown quickly, but we’ve never forgotten how we got here: a commitment to rigorous independent research and a singular focus on putting clients first.

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Investment Management Team

  • Ben Zacks

    Principal & Senior Portfolio Manager

    Portfolio Manager Ben Zacks has used his expertise to navigate through the market’s ups and downs…several times.

    Ben is the core of the Zacks Investment Management Team, and the most experienced member of the Investment Policy Committee. Ben co-founded Zacks Investment Research in 1978, and he was a critical contributor in the development and fine tuning of the strategies and models that define the Zacks name. Ben is also a nationally recognized investment strategist and a known expert on corporate earnings—he’s been featured extensively in the financial media including CNBC, CNN, CNNfn, and quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Financial World Magazine, Smart Money Magazine, and Worth Magazine.

    Ben founded Zacks Investment Management in 1992, and has a B.A. in Economics from Boston University.

  • Mitch Zacks

    Principal & Senior Portfolio Manager

    Mitch is one of the two primary portfolio managers at Zacks Investment Management and oversees all investment research activities at the firm. Mitch is an expert on quantitative investment strategies and developed many of the proprietary models used by the firm. Mitch wrote a weekly finance column for the Chicago Sun- Times and has written two books on quantitative investment strategies: Ahead of the Market, Harper Collins 2003, which focuses on the earnings estimate revision investment anomaly and The Little Book of Stock Market Profits, which was published in 2011 and provides an overview of several other significant equity investment anomalies.

    Prior to joining Zacks Investment Management in 1997, Mitch was an investment banking analyst at Lazard Freres in New York. Mitch graduated cum laude from Yale University with distinction in his major of Economics. He received his M.B.A with high honors in his concentration of Analytic Finance and Statistics from the University of Chicago.

  • Manish Jain

    Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

    Manish Jain is your advocate in the bond market and brings in-depth knowledge of high yielding investments.
    Manish is the head of all fixed income strategies at Zacks Investment Management. He is an expert on corporate, government and municipal bonds as well as preferred stocks, MLPs, and other income-producing investments.
    Manish has nearly 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Zacks, Manish was an Investment Manager for People’s Bank, and also served as a Portfolio Manager in the Trust Department for People’s Bank. His experience in the financial services industry is invaluable as we build customized income strategies for our clients. Manish has a B.A. in Finance from Michigan State University.

  • Tony Zhang Ph.D., M.B.A., CFA

    Quantitative Analyst

    Tony is a quantitative analyst at Zacks Investment Management. His research focuses on multi-factor, sector specific alpha models. Tony earned his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and received his M.B.A with honors from the University of Chicago in Analytical Finance and Strategy. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Prior to joining Zacks Investment Management, Tony served as adjunct assistant professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the State University of New York at Binghamton. In his research career, he has been awarded three best paper awards and has published over twenty papers in the top international journals and conferences.

  • Atanu Ghosh, CFA

    Assistant Portfolio Manager

    Atanu Ghosh has over seven years of investment experience serving as a quantitative and fundamental research analyst and an equity portfolio manager. Prior to joining Zacks, Atanu was a Senior Research Analyst at Fiduciary Asset Management on their large-cap core and quantitative strategy teams.
    Atanu develops quantitative models that we utilize in the management of our investment strategies, and is constantly following industry trends and research to ensure that we are always on the cutting edge when it comes to portfolio management. Furthermore, Atanu is consistently refining and improving our investment models as we adapt to changing market environments. Atanu received his M.B.A. from Washington University, St. Louis where he was elected to Beta Gamma Sigma and his Bachelor’s degree with honors in Computer Science from Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India. Atanu is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

  • Prasanth Sankar, Ph.D.

    Assistant Portfolio Manager

    Prasanth has worked as a portfolio manager and quantitative analyst at Zacks for over five years. Prasanth has a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology.
    Prasanth co-manages several of Zacks’ investment strategies and also develops and refines many of our proprietary models. Prasanth applies his mathematical background to the investment process through sophisticated and in-depth quantitative analysis where he seeks to identify investment anomalies and develop investment models to profit from them.