Is a Bear Market Looming?

The Schiller Cyclically Adjusted P/E (CAPE) Ratio hit 28 in recent days, which according to some news outlets “looks terrifying right now” and signals that the stock market may be “dangerously expensive.” Is it time for investors to ditch stocks and run for cover? There’s a reason the alarm bells are sounding – on two […]

Global Debt Reaches New Highs: Is the U.S. at Risk?

At 225% of GDP, global nonfinancial debt levels have hit record highs. The IMF’s Fiscal Monitor shows that around two-thirds of the $152 trillion in total debt belongs to the private sector. Source: IMF Fiscal Monitor October 2016 But since the 2008-2009 global financial crisis, it is government debt that has experienced the largest increases […]

Self-Driving Cars Create Investment Opportunities

Humans are about to take a back seat to robots – literally. Self-driving cars are armed with radars, camera, LIDAR, computer vision and various software designed to detect surroundings and identify navigation routes. Data sharing will allow autonomous vehicles to learn from other accidents on the road, even the accidents they aren’t involved in. It’s […]

Can Too Much Innovation Kill the Economy?

The robots are coming to take your jobs. The robots are coming to take your jobs. The robots are coming to… OK, you get the point. Technological change is happening at a rapid pace, and it is affecting the way we communicate and the way businesses operate. We’ve known this for years. But what has […]

Why You Should Own Dividend-Paying Stocks

Regular readers may recall a few weeks ago when I interviewed our own Manish Jain about the Zacks Mid Cap Core Strategy. In that column, Manish explained to us how Mid-Cap stocks represent a sweet spot on the risk curve—they are companies that have typically been around long enough to have lengthy earnings records and […]