The 5 Biggest Stock Market Fears Debunked

If there’s one thing I think the market and market participants lack most today, it’s confidence. As a Principal and Portfolio Manager at Zacks Investment Management, I spend a lot of time interfacing with the financial media, clients and prospects. A common theme I’ve seen pretty much all year is a reluctance to believe that […]

Beware of the September Market Myth

When it comes to stocks in September, history has a simple message—sell. Since the inception of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) in the late 1890’s, the month that brings us the season of fall has also brought us a pattern of fall, as September has delivered an average loss of -1.1%. Compare this to […]

Why You Should Own Dividend-Paying Stocks

Regular readers may recall a few weeks ago when I interviewed our own Manish Jain about the Zacks Mid Cap Core Strategy. In that column, Manish explained to us how Mid-Cap stocks represent a sweet spot on the risk curve—they are companies that have typically been around long enough to have lengthy earnings records and […]

Where Should You Invest? From Big Box Stores to Online Shopping Carts

It’s no secret that the retail sector is evolving rapidly. It feels as though with every day that passes there is a day where the economy is drifting away from the “big box store” and towards the online shopping cart. Consumer spending still makes up more than two-thirds of the U.S. economy, but consumers’ spending […]

Should You Be Shifting to Risk Assets?

In a world where economic and geopolitical uncertainties seem to rule the day, investors are still favoring risk assets. Why? It’s simple: because stocks tend to rise and fall when conditions are better (or worse) than expected, and what we’ve seen more often than not in 2016 is that data has been surprising to the […]

Why Invest in Mid-Cap Stocks Right Now?

In last week’s column, I talked about rich valuations in the equities markets, but I also made the argument that stocks had more room to run. With the equity yield above the bond yield, an expected earnings rebound in the next six months and risk assets flowing to the relatively strong U.S. economic shores, I […]

Are Stocks Too Expensive?

Logic holds that as an item becomes more expensive, buyers become more reluctant. In a retail setting, you don’t hear people say, “No, I’m going to wait until it becomes more expensive before I buy.” That would be ridiculous, right? Not for the stock market! In fact, this thinking is related to one of the […]

What to Look Out for as Fed Considers Rate Hike

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Federal Reserve left the fed funds rate unchanged in their June meeting, almost certainly on the back of a weak May jobs report (+11,000 m/m). It is yet another example of the Fed’s hypersensitivity to single data points or events, much like their choice to delay a hike in the beginning […]

Free Trade vs. Protectionism – Where I Stand

The aftermath of the “Brexit” vote is sure to create plenty of winners and losers, but perhaps most-watched will be those affected in the realm of trade. At this stage, there’s no sense in speculating how the trade relationship between Britain and the EU will ultimately look— there are far too many unknowns. But, what […]

4 Reasons to Invest in the US Stock Market

With Brexit analysis consuming the vast majority of investor news airtime (and because we just celebrated our 240th year of independence), I think it’s the perfect time to bring the U.S back into the spotlight. When you’re positioning your investment portfolios for the next six to twelve months, take my advice: don’t forget about America’s […]