What You Really Need to Know about Earnings

Q2 earnings season is now in full swing, and there is arguably quite a bit riding on this quarter and this year’s earnings season, given the rather muted data seen in 2016 of +0.8% earnings growth on +2.1% higher revenues. The Energy sector was still largely to blame for last year’s fairly dismal aggregate earnings […]

Four of the Biggest Risks in the Stock Market Today!

Though this week’s column will delve slightly into the negative, I do want to make it clear that Zacks Investment Management maintains our base case for positive, single-digit gains in the U.S. stock market this year. That forecast has not changed, and ultimately, we see the positives like earnings growth and global GDP growth as […]

What in the World Is Happening with Earnings Growth?

The global equities bulls are back, this time with a new term: “global synchronous recovery.” Whatever you want to call it, the facts are pretty straight – the global economy has seen broad-based growth in 2017, and we fully expect it to continue in the second half of the year. Our expectation is for the […]

Why You Should Keep a Watchful Eye on Debt Markets

There are a few trends shaping-up simultaneously in debt markets that are worth keeping a close eye on. I’ll cut right to the chase because this is important: if these trends continue as-is, history tells us a recession is likely in the works. That’s why investors need to keep checking-in regularly on the issues I’ll […]

Is Tech Slowly Taking Over the Entire Market?

The biggest market headline last week came from Amazon’s $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods. The transaction left many investors scratching their heads. Wasn’t Amazon supposed to be in the online retail and cloud business? Why are they buying a high-end grocery chain? Amazon’s acquisition speaks to a broader trend amongst mega-cap technology companies: the […]

Small-Caps or Large-Caps? There’s Another Answer.

Investors often ask me which style and/or category of stocks they should favor in the current environment. Is now the time to own large-cap stocks? International? Maybe load up on value over growth? Small-cap? In reality, a broadly diversified equity portfolio should probably have some level of exposure to each category, with some categories overweighted […]