Will Revising Dodd-Frank Send the Markets Soaring?

It has been nearly seven years since Dodd-Frank was signed into law, but some of the rules still haven’t been finalized and implemented. Whatever your view about the necessity for the regulations and the need for placing a tighter belt around Wall Street, there is something wildly inefficient about taking seven years to implement rules. […]

The Brexit is Official – Here’s What Investors Need to Know!

On June 23, 2016, Britain surprised the world with a referendum vote to leave the European Union. Now, some nine months later, it’s officially on the books. On March 29, British Prime Minister, Theresa May, sent a letter to the head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, invoking Article 50. This letter effectively begins the […]

How the Fed’s Interest Rate Hike Affects You

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates another quarter basis point on March 15, and signaled that two more rate hikes are on deck for 2017. As the Fed tightens credit in response to an economy on solid footing, it is likely to have an effect on savers, borrowers, and investors. In other words, it can […]

The (Not So) Looming Stock Market Crash

Many investors are fearful of the next market crash. When will it happen? How big will it be? Will my retirement savings be at stake? These concerns are certainly understandable, considering that the 2008 Financial Crisis is still visible in the rearview mirror. But, it turns out that investors are a lot more worried than […]

How Can You Capitalize on Uncertainty?

There have been some notable shortages in this economic expansion. A shortage of GDP growth, a shortage of inflation, a shortage of personal income growth, lackluster private business investment, loan growth that hasn’t quite kept up with demand. Taken together, it has resulted in what we term “muddle-through” economic growth. It’s growth that’s acceptable, but […]

Tax Laws Are Changing – What Do You Need to Know?

Tax time is just around the corner (April 18 this year), and there’s a good chance the preparations you’re making now will be significantly different this time next year. Indeed, the Trump Administration is taking aim at the tax code as one of their top priorities, and the Republican-controlled House of Representatives is already busy […]

Stock Market Investors’ Biggest Worries Today

By March of this year, this will be the 3rd longest U.S. economic expansion since 1900, and the bull market is now the 2nd longest in history. Thinking about these two facts together, it naturally has many investors wondering: is the end near? Something has to give, right? Well…yes and no. The nature of economic […]

If Robots Take American Jobs, Should We Tax Them?

 The age of automation has arrived. If you’re wondering whether that’s a cause for celebration or panic, don’t worry – you are not alone. On one hand, the ‘rise of the robot’ could mean great things for corporations and consumers. It could lower the cost of labor, increase profit margins, lower the cost of goods […]