Bitcoin Could Be Risky Business

Matthew W. from Virginia Beach, VA asks: Hi Mitch, I’m curious what your thoughts are on bitcoin. It seems like the “digital world” is the future for just about everything, and something like bitcoin could really continue taking off. I know it can be highly risky to invest, but could it make sense to put […]

Should You Invest in Alternative Investments?

Sarah H. from Stockton, CA asks: I’ve been reading more and more that many financial advisors are adding “alternative investments” to their list of offerings. My basic understanding is that these are non-traditional investments (not stocks or bonds) that potentially offer a higher return for similar or maybe slightly higher risk. Is this correct, and […]

How Can You Build Wealth in Retirement?

Victor R. from Branson, Missouri asks: I’m curious on what your opinions are when it comes to drawing income from a retirement portfolio. Do you raise cash for a few years’ worth of expenses and invest the rest? Or do you raise cash as you go? Is there some formula for how to correctly approach […]

Is the Bull Market Nearing an End?

Bill C. from Livingston, MT asks: Mitch, I read an article on Bloomberg last week stating that a big crop of fund managers and strategists think the bull market is ending next year. Even if they’re wrong, the consensus seems to be that the good times are winding down. What should the investor response be? […]

Best Fixed Income Investments for 2017

At Zacks Investment Management, we continue to favor individual corporate and municipal bonds for investors seeking income and diversification in their fixed income portfolios. U.S. treasuries, while not providing as much income, still remain a great way to lower volatility and risk present from equity securities. So far in 2017, our outlook has served us […]