Is the Bull Market Nearing an End?

Bill C. from Livingston, MT asks: Mitch, I read an article on Bloomberg last week stating that a big crop of fund managers and strategists think the bull market is ending next year. Even if they’re wrong, the consensus seems to be that the good times are winding down. What should the investor response be? […]

Best Fixed Income Investments for 2017

At Zacks Investment Management, we continue to favor individual corporate and municipal bonds for investors seeking income and diversification in their fixed income portfolios. U.S. treasuries, while not providing as much income, still remain a great way to lower volatility and risk present from equity securities. So far in 2017, our outlook has served us […]

Are P/E Ratio’s Too High?

Tyler B. from Baton Rouge, LA asks: Mitch, I saw an article the other day stating that P/E ratios are way above average and that something has to give. I’m a long-time investor, and I recently inherited some money, but I’m considering just keeping that money in cash because buying now would mean investing in overpriced […]

Are Tech Stocks Running the Show?

Henry from Albany, NY asks: I’ve noticed that technology stocks seem to running the show lately, and I read an article stating that a large percentage of returns are really only coming from the giant companies, like Apple and Google. I have a two-part question: 1) Do you think this strong performance will continue, and […]