The Impact of French Elections

Roger S. from Chicago, IL asks: “There seems to be a lot of concern surrounding the upcoming French election for presidency. I have an international fund in my portfolio. Should I be cautious about the outcome of the election and potentially take action depending on who wins?” Mitch’s Reply: It’s good to see that you […]

Should You Stay Away from Bonds?

Daniel R. from Wichita, Kansas asks: The Federal Reserve seems to be on a path of raising interest rates, and I’m curious how that and other factors will affect the bond markets. Is now a time to stay away from bonds, or is it actually a time to invest? First of all Daniel, congratulations to […]

How Much Should I Save for Retirement?

Kristen and Chester from St. Louis, MO ask: Is there a “magic number” for knowing how much to save for retirement? Thank you for writing, Kristen and Chester. The short answer to your question, unfortunately, is No. Every investor’s situation is different, so there cannot be a ‘magic number’ that we could apply across the […]