What is Zacks Investment Management’s Philosophy?

Penfield, NY asks… What is Zacks Investment Management’s philosophy? Thanks for asking Penfield – this is an important question as you’ll want to be aligned, philosophically, with your investment manager to position the working relationship for success. At the core of Zacks Investment Management’s philosophy is our belief that every client has unique needs and […]

Recency Bias Undermining Returns?

Fort Meyers, FL asks… I received an inheritance and was going to invest, but the market’s volatility and downward turn has me concerned so I’m waiting. Is that a good idea? Great question – and, an important one given the potential impact one’s actions, or inaction, can have on long-term returns. In August 2015, when […]

How Does an SMA Work?

Salsbury Cove, ME asks…How Does an SMA Work? This is one of those questions we answer frequently — glad you asked! “SMA” stands for Separately Managed Account, and it refers to a portfolio of assets managed by an advisor or a money management firm. Perhaps the easiest way to understand SMAs is to think of […]