Why is Market Volatility Increasing?

Volatility persists in the global stock market, but the media narratives haven’t changed much – it’s still, “fears of global slowdown, rising interest rates, flattening yield curve, and trade war with China” being most commonly cited as drivers of the selling pressure. These factors are driving uncertainty, but I’m still not convinced they are powerful […]

How to Navigate a Market at All-Time Highs

Economic data is arguably firing on all cylinders: • For the first time in ten years, the GDP growth rate is higher than the unemployment rate[1]; • The August edition of the Institute for Supply Management manufacturing index showed the strongest expansion of manufacturing activity since May 2004;[2] • The Conference Board gauge of consumer […]

Bull Market’s 9th Birthday, but is it Too Soon to Celebrate?

On March 9, 2009, the S&P 500 hit its low point for the treacherous bear market of 2008, which was spurred by the global financial crisis. The index bottomed out at 676.53.1 Today, the S&P 500 trades at over 2,500, with total gains off-the-bottom approaching +250%. As I write this column, however, I cannot actually […]

The Next Bear Market Will Come Without Warning

March 9th marked the nine-year anniversary of this bull market, which now stands as the second longest bull market in history (the 1990 – 2000 bull market is the longest) according to Strategas Research. Using history as a guide, we know that bull markets do not last forever. Stocks are likely destined to decline materially […]

Time to Focus on Economic Indicators

From Larry Kudlow stepping in as the Director of the National Economic Council to Trump accepting an invitation to meet with Kim Jong-un, this week as been packed with eye-popping headlines. Get the details to these stories and more in this latest edition of Steady Investor’s Week. Deconstructing Dodd-Frank – in the wake of the […]

4 Best Practices for Investors

Paul R. from Evansville, IN asks: Hi Mitch, I’m recently retired and am taking a greater interest in investing. Don’t worry – I don’t plan on becoming a day trader or anything. I’m just wondering what you might consider some best practices for monitoring trends/news and managing my portfolio? Mitch’s Response: Thanks for writing, Paul. […]