Will Revising Dodd-Frank Send the Markets Soaring?

It has been nearly seven years since Dodd-Frank was signed into law, but some of the rules still haven’t been finalized and implemented. Whatever your view about the necessity for the regulations and the need for placing a tighter belt around Wall Street, there is something wildly inefficient about taking seven years to implement rules. […]

Is the Bull Getting Crushed?

Is the U.S. market rally fading? Following the U.S. Presidential Election on November 8, the American stock market was on a tear – until March when the rally started to tone down somewhat. Some of the tepidity could be attributed to uncertainty arising from global politics, cross-border tensions and the timeline/success of the implementation of […]

Could the Future of Education Reside in the Tech World?

To say that the internet has revolutionized the way we learn is an understatement. Today, technology is seeping into conventional classroom and changing the world of teaching. In what’s dubbed as ‘EdTech’(a portmanteau of ‘education’ and ‘technology’), a plethora of online platforms and applications are offering learning tools, structured courses and tests, much like what […]

Are Investors Turning Skittish?

Strong performance in the theaters translates into strong performance in the stock market while tension builds with Russia and China gets a boost. Get all the details in this edition of Steady Investor’s Week… Blockbuster Returns? – The U.S. consumer makes up nearly two-thirds of the domestic economy, and we’ve been spending healthily throughout this […]

Fed Minutes Are More Telling than Usual

Last week was packed with news from President Trump discussing foreign policy with Chinese President Xi Jinping to Jeffery Lacker resigning from the Federal Reserve Bank and the Fed Minutes telling us a little more than usual. How could these stories affect your investments? Get all the details in this edition of Steady Investor’s Week… Strong […]