What You Really Need to Know about Earnings

Q2 earnings season is now in full swing, and there is arguably quite a bit riding on this quarter and this year’s earnings season, given the rather muted data seen in 2016 of +0.8% earnings growth on +2.1% higher revenues. The Energy sector was still largely to blame for last year’s fairly dismal aggregate earnings […]

July Marks Another Solid Month for US Jobs

It has happened again. The U.S. has created more jobs than most people expected according to the July employment report. The jobs market is considered one of the most important indicators of economic health, and the latest employment figures sure offer a solidly promising (if not phenomenal) picture. According to the latest data from the […]

Don’t Miss These Market Insights!

What is the possibility of a market correction? What can we expect from tax reform? And, what does the Dow Jones Industrial Average reaching 22,000 really mean for health of corporate America? Get the answers to these questions and much more in this week’s edition of the Steady Investor’s Week… On to Tax Reform – […]

Is the Bull Market Nearing an End?

Bill C. from Livingston, MT asks: Mitch, I read an article on Bloomberg last week stating that a big crop of fund managers and strategists think the bull market is ending next year. Even if they’re wrong, the consensus seems to be that the good times are winding down. What should the investor response be? […]