Are You Underperforming? This Could Be Why…

There are several reasons an investor may underperform over time: poor stock selection, suboptimal asset allocation decisions, mistimed trades, too much trading, switching managers too often, and so on. But often times when it boils down to it, an investors’ worst enemy – almost always – is him or herself. The field of behavioral finance […]

President Trump “Remakes” the Fed

With four vacancies on the powerful seven-member Fed board of governors, its seems change is inevitable for the federal reserve. Such changes will be critical to monetary policy and the economy, and will be impactful to markets in the next several months. So, what can we expect. Get all the details in this week’s edition […]

How Can You Build Wealth in Retirement?

Victor R. from Branson, Missouri asks: I’m curious on what your opinions are when it comes to drawing income from a retirement portfolio. Do you raise cash for a few years’ worth of expenses and invest the rest? Or do you raise cash as you go? Is there some formula for how to correctly approach […]

Amazon’s Latest Ammo Could Affect Grocery Retail

U.S. grocery retail had a disruption of sorts this week, thanks to one firm’s seemingly insatiable appetite to grow. Will it rain discounts for grocery shoppers? What does this mean for supermarkets’ profitability? What should investors be paying attention to? Get the insights in this week’s Steady Investor News… After crushing traditional retail stores’ margins […]

Banks Warn of Impending Market Downturn

Over the past two weeks or so, I’ve had a few Zacks Investment Advisors and clients ask me about a recent Bloomberg article that alluded to an impending downturn in the economy and markets. The article cites reports published by Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Bank of America, HSBC, and Societe Generale SA – all big players […]

Record Breaking Numbers – Could These Headlines Affect Your Portfolio?

As we head into the holiday weekend, this week is jam packed with eye-popping headlines that could affect the markets. Tropical Storm Harvey incurred losses on all fronts, and our hearts go out to all those affected. On the financial front, one factor many haven’t considered is how gas prices will respond. Additionally, protectionist talk […]

3 Critical Macro Factors You Need to Watch Now

Making smart, informed investment decisions really involves a two-part process, in my view. The first part is looking at the macroeconomic environment – this tells you whether the global economy is generally expected to grow (i.e., whether stocks have a path higher). It means looking at metrics like GDP, inflation, interest rates, velocity of money, […]

Bull Market Losing Steam – How Should You Position Your Portfolio?

What does “Late Cycle” economic expansion mean for your investments and how could this affect small-caps and large-caps? Learn more in this week’s edition of Steady Investor’s Week… Are Small-Caps Due for a Turnaround? Looking purely at equity market indices, it becomes clear that small-caps have had a difficult run of it in 2017. The S&P […]