Wall Street Post Profits Near Pre-Crisis Highs

Rising above debates on regulations and their impact on the banking sector, the top U.S. banks have brought in aggregate profits close to their pre-crisis peak. That happened amid a far less lenient regulatory framework compared to before the crisis. To curb excessive risks taken by financial institutions, the previous government made sweeping changes in […]

Growth Forecasts Remain Nicely Positive

GROWTH seems to be the word of the week with the International Monetary Fund forecasting positive global growth, two European counties pushing momentum forward for hybrid cars and Elon Musk announcing a potential new project – the “hyperloop.” Read on to get all the details in this week’s edition of Steady Investor’s Week: Fed Decision […]

Best Fixed Income Investments for 2017

At Zacks Investment Management, we continue to favor individual corporate and municipal bonds for investors seeking income and diversification in their fixed income portfolios. U.S. treasuries, while not providing as much income, still remain a great way to lower volatility and risk present from equity securities. So far in 2017, our outlook has served us […]

Employers Slash Retirement Benefits: Is Your Retirement Under Threat?

Employers have apparently become thriftier with their retirement benefit contributions, according to a new study. Does that spell trouble for your retirement income? Probably, unless you follow a financial discipline that hinges on much more than your employer’s largesse (or the lack of it). Between 2001 and 2015, employers’ costs of contributing to retirement benefits […]

Four of the Biggest Risks in the Stock Market Today!

Though this week’s column will delve slightly into the negative, I do want to make it clear that Zacks Investment Management maintains our base case for positive, single-digit gains in the U.S. stock market this year. That forecast has not changed, and ultimately, we see the positives like earnings growth and global GDP growth as […]

Are P/E Ratio’s Too High?

Tyler B. from Baton Rouge, LA asks: Mitch, I saw an article the other day stating that P/E ratios are way above average and that something has to give. I’m a long-time investor, and I recently inherited some money, but I’m considering just keeping that money in cash because buying now would mean investing in overpriced […]

Will Retirees Outlive Their Nest Eggs?

Growing and preserving wealth are critical components in determining your financial well-being after you retire. But, the rising trend in life expectancies begs the question – can your wealth last your entire lifetime? It is no secret that average life expectancies in the U.S. have been climbing over the years. Longer lives entail longer time […]