Don’t Miss The Four Biggest Risks Facing the Market Today

In this week’s Mitch on the Markets, I was pleased to bring in a special guest to talk about the markets with me. He is the Fixed Income Portfolio manager here at Zacks Investment Management, and also one of our top analysts on the macroeconomic side – Manish Jain. I had a sit-down conversation with […]

Are Tech Stocks Running the Show?

Henry from Albany, NY asks: I’ve noticed that technology stocks seem to running the show lately, and I read an article stating that a large percentage of returns are really only coming from the giant companies, like Apple and Google. I have a two-part question: 1) Do you think this strong performance will continue, and […]

Don’t Fall Prey to This Investing Mistake – Netflix’ Rags to Riches Story

Netflix completes 15-years since it went public, registering a five-figure percentage return along the way! According to the company’s investor relations site, anyone who had invested $1,000 in Netflix shares on its May 23, 2002 IPO and held onto the holdings so far, has earned a return of more than +14,000% (taking into account dividend […]

Here’s Why Most Investors Underperform the Market

Since January of 1986, the research firm DALBAR has been compiling data measuring how the average investor performs over time. The results are pretty harrowing, and they might surprise you. Over long stretches of time, the average investor is widely underperforming. The table below underscores the magnitude of the underperformance for equity investors and fixed […]