The Impact of French Elections

Roger S. from Chicago, IL asks: “There seems to be a lot of concern surrounding the upcoming French election for presidency. I have an international fund in my portfolio. Should I be cautious about the outcome of the election and potentially take action depending on who wins?” Mitch’s Reply: It’s good to see that you […]

Trouble Ahead? The Fed Thinks the Market is Overvalued

The Federal Reserve is notorious for making vague and general statements about the state of the markets and the economy. Analysts often parse the Fed minutes and statements looking for signs of changing monetary policy conditions, only to come out empty. That’s why it was surprising that the Fed was a bit more direct in […]

Will Revising Dodd-Frank Send the Markets Soaring?

It has been nearly seven years since Dodd-Frank was signed into law, but some of the rules still haven’t been finalized and implemented. Whatever your view about the necessity for the regulations and the need for placing a tighter belt around Wall Street, there is something wildly inefficient about taking seven years to implement rules. […]

Is the Bull Getting Crushed?

Is the U.S. market rally fading? Following the U.S. Presidential Election on November 8, the American stock market was on a tear – until March when the rally started to tone down somewhat. Some of the tepidity could be attributed to uncertainty arising from global politics, cross-border tensions and the timeline/success of the implementation of […]