Relax, the Stock Market Correction is Normal

Global equities markets took many market participants for a spin over the last couple of weeks. The sharp declines took many by surprise, especially considering that the S&P 500 had just completed its longest stretch in history without a drawdown of at least -5%. Indeed, from February 2016 through the end of last year, the […]

How to Navigate Market Volatility

With steep declines in the market this week, nerves are high as many investors wonder what this volatility means. Could this mean a bear market is around the corner? Read on to get our view on what’s to come. Navigating Market Volatility – volatility has returned to the markets, following nearly two years of virtually […]

Bubble in Stocks and Bonds?

Could the bond and stock markets be heading for a bubble? Is Britain desperate for growth after leaving the European Union? And where do we forecast U.S. GDP in 2018? Read on to get the answers to these questions. Farewell, Janet Yellen – the now former Federal Reserve Chairman oversaw her last meeting this week, […]

Time to Check the U.S. Economy’s Pulse

Expectations for the U.S. economy are seemingly running high. With tax cuts, a rising stock market, historically low unemployment, and solid corporate earnings, it makes sense that investors and consumers alike are optimistic about what lies ahead. At Zacks Investment Management (ZIM), we’re optimistic too, but more so because of what we see when we […]