What a “Border-Adjusted” Tax Could Mean for U.S. Retailers

Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have been feeling the pinch lately with struggling sales and cratering stock prices. The word ‘pinch’ actually puts it lightly. In the past year, Macy’s announced plans to lay off 10,000 workers and close down 100 stores. It plans to focus more on its website and towards developing new concepts to combat […]

Should You Stay Away from Bonds?

Daniel R. from Wichita, Kansas asks: The Federal Reserve seems to be on a path of raising interest rates, and I’m curious how that and other factors will affect the bond markets. Is now a time to stay away from bonds, or is it actually a time to invest? First of all Daniel, congratulations to […]

60th Anniversary for the S&P 500

This week calls for celebration as the S&P 500 turned 60 with nearly $2.4 trillion in capitalization to boot! Get all the details in this edition of Steady Investor’s Week…  60th Anniversary for the S&P 500 – Last Saturday, the largest stock index on the planet – the S&P 500, turned 60-years-old with nearly $2.4 […]

Is the US Startup Industry Flagging?

The startup industry is to a large extent the cornerstone of the ‘Information Age.’ To launch a company, one needs a great idea. But, to have it executed, companies need to attract venture capitalists (VCs). A weekly index measuring the health of the U.S. technology startup industry is at its lowest point in three years. […]

How Much Should I Save for Retirement?

Kristen and Chester from St. Louis, MO ask: Is there a “magic number” for knowing how much to save for retirement? Thank you for writing, Kristen and Chester. The short answer to your question, unfortunately, is No. Every investor’s situation is different, so there cannot be a ‘magic number’ that we could apply across the […]

How Can You Capitalize on Uncertainty?

There have been some notable shortages in this economic expansion. A shortage of GDP growth, a shortage of inflation, a shortage of personal income growth, lackluster private business investment, loan growth that hasn’t quite kept up with demand. Taken together, it has resulted in what we term “muddle-through” economic growth. It’s growth that’s acceptable, but […]

The Perilous Future of Trade

While Trump met with Canada’s Prime Minister this week, relations with Mexico remain tense – what could this mean for the future of trade? Could two different deals emerge out of NAFTA? Get all the details in this edition of Steady Investor’s Week… Playing Favorites? – The future of the North American Free Trade Agreement […]

Tax Laws Are Changing – What Do You Need to Know?

Tax time is just around the corner (April 18 this year), and there’s a good chance the preparations you’re making now will be significantly different this time next year. Indeed, the Trump Administration is taking aim at the tax code as one of their top priorities, and the Republican-controlled House of Representatives is already busy […]

Stock Market Investors’ Biggest Worries Today

By March of this year, this will be the 3rd longest U.S. economic expansion since 1900, and the bull market is now the 2nd longest in history. Thinking about these two facts together, it naturally has many investors wondering: is the end near? Something has to give, right? Well…yes and no. The nature of economic […]