What in the World Is Happening with Earnings Growth?

The global equities bulls are back, this time with a new term: “global synchronous recovery.” Whatever you want to call it, the facts are pretty straight – the global economy has seen broad-based growth in 2017, and we fully expect it to continue in the second half of the year. Our expectation is for the […]

Why You Should Keep a Watchful Eye on Debt Markets

There are a few trends shaping-up simultaneously in debt markets that are worth keeping a close eye on. I’ll cut right to the chase because this is important: if these trends continue as-is, history tells us a recession is likely in the works. That’s why investors need to keep checking-in regularly on the issues I’ll […]

The Fed Hikes Rate – But Are They Getting Too Ahead for the Economy’s Good?

Even as the Federal Reserve went ahead this month with the year’s second quarter-point hike in policy rate, the rally in long-term Treasuries refuses to budge.  So much so that yields are hitting record lows. Are investors skeptical about the U.S. economy’s readiness for monetary tightening? On June 14th, the target range of the Fed […]