Apple vs. Samsung – Clash of the Titans

Since the beginning of the smartphone revolution, there has been no love lost between Apple, Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. They found themselves in a worldwide battle starting in 2010 when Samsung, then an Apple supplier, released a very iPhone-like product in its Galaxy lineup Over the years, Apple succeeded in creating a niche […]

Amazon’s Quest for World Domination

In this week’s news, growth emerged as an overall pattern in the market. Amazon continues to dominate markets as they dip their toes into the “home” brand market, Japan strives to create an environment for growth, while Goldman Sachs overtakes Chevron and Exxon Mobil. Read on to get all the inside details in this week’s […]

Inside China’s Emergency Call to the Fed

With China’s violent stock market volatility characterizing the last year, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) did something highly unusual and seemingly unthinkable—they emailed the U.S. Federal Reserve for advice. Last July, the PBOC’s chief, Song Xiangyan, requested the Fed share with China their playbook for Wall Street’s 1987 “Black Monday” crash. Xiangyan even asked […]

Weak Economic Data—Sign for Concern?

The week felt like “Friday the 13th” with headlines to match – weaker-than-expected global economic data, Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff’s looming impeachment trial and the retail sector’s fall in consumer spending. Read on to get inside details of this week’s key investor news… Around the World in Economic Data – lots of data was released […]

Time to Sell Bonds and Buy Dividend Stocks?

Following the 2008 global financial crisis, central banks around the world implemented aggressive monetary policies in an attempt to reignite the global economy. Europe and Japan are still running QE (quantitative easing) programs and even China entered the game with several interest rate cuts. The U.S. has ended QE, but interest rates are still near […]