How Dividend Stocks Turned a Janitor into a Millionaire

Ronald Read spent the better part of his life working as a mechanic and a part-time janitor at J.C. Penney—a far cry from the highly skilled jobs that normally produce millionaires over time. Yet, following his passing last summer, Mr. Read’s estate made its first distributions—$4.8million and $1.2 million to the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital and the Brooks Library, respectively. Wait […]

New Trade Deal: 3 Things Investors Should Know

As I wrote in my weekly global markets summary last week, the 12-country trade deal, known as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), finally reached agreement last week in Atlanta. The big players include the U.S., Japan, Canada, and Australia, and the biggest impact from the deal stems from the multilateral agreements with developing economies in […]

U.S. Jobs Report, Massive Trade Deal with Asia, Twitter News, and more…

  Mixed Feelings About the U.S. Jobs Report – late last week, the U.S. monthly jobs report disappointed many investors and analysts with the economy adding just 142,000 jobs in September – or about 60,000 fewer than expected. Regardless, the unemployment rate remains at 5.1%, which is fairly close to ideal when it comes to Federal Reserve policy […]

Are Stocks Due for a 4th Quarter Comeback?

  At the time of this writing, the S&P 500 and global markets (as measured by the MSCI World) are negative for the year. Some investors are losing patience and I’ve noticed the media increasingly spinning negativity – last week, a soft jobs report spurred a flurry of nervous headlines (never mind that the unemployment […]

How To Fight Market Volatility

During times of pronounced volatility (like we’re seeing now), investors often try to find new ways to neutralize how market gyrations impact their portfolios. This can mean selling down stock positions, owning fewer stocks, shifting asset allocations to favor bonds or even looking to new asset classes like real estate. These tactical changes to investment […]

Can an Advisor Manage Better than Me?

            This is the first article in a twice-monthly new series from Mitch Zacks answering your individual portfolio related questions. This week, Orlando, FL asks “Can an Advisor Manage Better than Me?” I don’t like to answer a question with a question, but in this case you might ask the […]

Are You Making a Big Mistake in These Volatile Times?

Stock market volatility continues unabated. It may be too early to tell, but I’m marking the top of this current market correction at July 20, with the bottom still to be determined (though I’d say it’s still a few weeks off). Since July 20, investors have had a rocky ride with the market having traded […]

Xi Jinping’s Visit, Microsoft’s China Connection, Volkswagen Woes, and More

  Xi Jinping’s U.S. Visit Overshadowed by the Pope – the pontiff grabbed all the attention this week in his first visit to the United States.  Pope Francis’ candid and often politically charged views provoke thought and unsettle politicians across the spectrum, which might be a good thing. But, perhaps the more impactful visit was made by […]