Yahoo’s Downfall—What Happened?

Unlike many of today’s Silicon Valley tech giants, Yahoo (ticker: YHOO) came from humble origins. The company was founded in 1995 as a small hobby start-up of two Stanford graduate students, Jerry Yang and David Filo. In an effort to help people find websites more efficiently within categories like government, science, news, entertainment and business, […]

Fed’s Dovish Stance – What Does it Mean?

  It wasn’t even three months ago that the Fed seemed committed to “gradually raising rates” over time. But, when the Fed’s March minutes were released in April, Fed-watchers and investors almost unanimously concluded that the Fed would delay raising rates in their April 26-27 meetings. And, that’s precisely what happened—the Fed only managed a […]

Will ‘Sentiment’ Turn This Bull into a Bear?

I have used this space many times to discuss how fundamentals drive stock prices over the long run. Additionally, in the midst of (sometimes severe) volatility and rising uncertainties that come with it, I’ve often made the point to stay focused on what really matters in terms of equity prices these days including: U.S. GDP […]

Apple Inc. a Rotten Apple?

Another busy week for the market—while the Fed concluded its April meeting with little fanfare, China’s mounting debt garnered attention. Preliminary U.S. GDP readings came out and Apple found itself on the negative side of the news. Get the details in this week’s digest…” Apple Inc. a Rotten Apple? – Apple Inc. did something it […]

Is a Real Estate Bubble Looming?

U.S. real estate has emerged as a hotspot for foreign investors, particularly China. According to a report by Bloomberg, Chinese property acquisitions in the U.S. jumped from $10 billion in 2011 to more than $55 billion in 2015. Additionally, a National Association of Realtors (NAR) study revealed China as the largest foreign buyer of U.S. […]

US Manufacturing on Death’s Door?

There is no denying that the manufacturing sector is an integral part of the U.S. economy – the sector contributes around 2.17 trillion to GDP and accounts for about 12% of our nation’s total output. However, the years of strong output and jobs is largely a thing of the past. A little known, and underappreciated […]

A Tug-of-War Week for Oil

This week has been another volatile one for the stock market. While the oil market is still struggling with an on-again, off-again relationship with barrel prices, Britain is awaiting its vote for leaving the EU, and new documents could connect Saudi Arabia with a role in 9/11. On a more positive note, corporate defaults may […]

The Fed and the Dangers of the ‘Dove’

U.S. equity markets started the year on a shaky note by falling some 10% through mid-February. Most of the selling pressure came from perceived weaknesses globally, which engendered heightened fear of a recession. In the end, the market recovered as negative views were supplanted in favor of more positive perspectives. Nevertheless, in March, the Federal […]