Bank of Japan Shocks Markets

Amidst the hysteria accompanying global market uncertainties, Japan’s announcement of a new monetary weapon is yet another surprise markets have to absorb. On Friday, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) unveiled its plan to lower interest rates to a negative -0.1% on excess bank reserves. The move comes after the BOJ failed to accelerate inflation to […]

Which Stocks Feeling Pinch of Strong Dollar?

The economics of a stronger dollar offer mixed blessings. On one hand, a stronger dollar means that foreign goods are less expensive which benefits consumers and, for example, travelers who visit countries with weakened currencies. It can help companies too, particularly those that import a great deal of their production and raw materials used for […]

Earnings Down, But Not Out

Earnings Down, but Not Out – Q4 2015 results are in from 173 S&P 500 members, who combine for nearly half of the index’s total market capitalization. It’s been a bumpy start to say the least – total earnings for these reported companies are down -1.6% from the same period last year on -1.9% lower […]

Worried About China?

Certainly, it’s been a rough few weeks for the markets.  Still, our team cannot urge you enough to Stay Steady – fundamentals still look good. Too many times we’ve seen investors change their asset allocations in an emotional response to selling pressures only to have this do more harm than good. Now, for our regular programming… China May […]

Market Corrections – The Single Most Important Feature

The market abruptly slipped into correction territory to start the year charting a virtual free fall from its December 29th level. The S&P 500 is Retesting Correction Lows Any relief gained from market rallies has been rendered obsolete in these first few weeks. The selling pressures have been fairly relentless and investors seem to be […]

Will Stocks Be Impacted by China’s Volatility?

China’s wild volatility is back. Investors were greeted in the New Year with a replay of last summer’s Chinese markets drama and big single day downswings in the first week of trading. The source of the turmoil can be traced to two factors, both of which predictably disturbed the markets because of what they have […]

4 Indicators to Watch in 2016

Certainly, it’s been a tough week for the markets.  Still, we can’t stress enough how important it is to stay steady, know your risk profile, ensure you’re investment allocations match that profile and think longer-term.  Historically, this approach has proven itself out time and time again. Looking forward, here are 4 indicators to watch this year… […]