Is the Dollar Threatened?

I’ve received several questions from clients over the last few days regarding China’s currency, the yuan. Almost all of them were some variation of these three: with its acceptance into the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) ‘Special Drawing Rights’ basket, is the yuan a threat to the dollar’s status as the world’s top reserve currency? If […]

What is Zacks Investment Management’s Philosophy?

Penfield, NY asks… What is Zacks Investment Management’s philosophy? Thanks for asking Penfield – this is an important question as you’ll want to be aligned, philosophically, with your investment manager to position the working relationship for success. At the core of Zacks Investment Management’s philosophy is our belief that every client has unique needs and […]

China Currency, Bank Downgrades, Fed Plans

  China Gets a Seat at the Reserve Currency Table – China’s currency, the yuan, gained inclusion into the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Special Drawing Rights basket this week, a move the Chinese central bank has been posturing to achieve for some time. The yuan’s inclusion will give the world’s central banks an additional alternative […]

December 2015 Stock Market Outlook (In Brief)

U.S. Markets December is here. Small gift buying stirs the season. Yet, that’s not what keeps stocks rising. Visible U.S. share buying is typical seasonal performance chasing by mutual fund managers. Late year markets like to stage a Santa Claus rally. Look 3 years back to fully grasp current S&P 500 valuations. 2013 saw +32% […]

They’re Eliminating One of Your Investing Tools

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) announced in mid-November the decision to eliminate stop orders and “good-till-canceled” orders from the investor playbook. When used correctly, stop-loss orders can be a resourceful tool to curb losses, and they can also be used to prevent a stock from falling back to its cost basis – which theoretically […]

What to Look for in a Money Manager

When it comes to hiring a money manager, investors have no shortage of options. But that’s also part of the problem. Finding the right manager is challenging and stressful, especially when you are likely trying to live stress-free. So, in an effort to make your search easier, we’ve compiled 10 good questions you might ask each […]

6 Year-End Planning Tips

Time flies by when the holidays arrive which means the New Year will be here before you know it. For investors, that gives you just over a month to take care of a few important year-end planning items. To make this easy, here is a checklist for you… Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) – if you […]

Recency Bias Undermining Returns?

Fort Meyers, FL asks… I received an inheritance and was going to invest, but the market’s volatility and downward turn has me concerned so I’m waiting. Is that a good idea? Great question – and, an important one given the potential impact one’s actions, or inaction, can have on long-term returns. In August 2015, when […]

What Will Holiday Retail Sales Tell Us About the Market?

As the holiday season approaches, investors often shift their attention to ‘retail sales’ as a health barometer for the overall economy. The U.S. consumer accounts for around two-thirds of total output, so it makes sense that our fixation on discretionary sales numbers creates a fresh buzz every year. Don’t expect this year to be any […]

Paris Attack Impact on Investing.

On November 13, the magnificent city of Paris was attacked by cowards – men whose feelings of hopelessness and disaffectedness were channeled into senseless violence against innocent people. This came only one day after a pair of suicide bombings killed 43 in Beirut, and just two weeks after a commercial plane was downed in Egypt […]