“Singles Day”, Big Beer, Crude Oil, and more…

This week, we’re starting and ending with China as there was some big retail news there and a development that may warrant a short-term “volatility alert”… “Singles Day” Underscores China’s Resilience – for all the headlines warning of a weakening China, its retail sector proved otherwise on Wednesday. For China, “Singles Day” has turned into […]

How Does an SMA Work?

Salsbury Cove, ME asks…How Does an SMA Work? This is one of those questions we answer frequently — glad you asked! “SMA” stands for Separately Managed Account, and it refers to a portfolio of assets managed by an advisor or a money management firm. Perhaps the easiest way to understand SMAs is to think of […]

Corporate Debt Sends Signal to Investors

There was a tinge of nervousness in corporate debt markets toward the end of September when investment-grade companies sold just $105 billion of new debt. Sounds like a big number, but it marked a 20%+ decline from a year earlier and was the weakest September in four years (September is historically a strong month for […]

Hedge Funds Underperforming, Ferrari Goes Public, Alphabet (Google) Powers Ahead and more…

Hedge Funds Continue to Underperform – in Q3, hedge funds suffered their largest quarterly loss in assets since 2008 – a reminder that even hedge funds are not immune to downside volatility. According to Hedge Fund Research, the average fund lost 3.9% in the third quarter, driven by volatility in the equities markets and sliding commodities. The […]

Recession in 6-12 Months?

A few clients have approached me recently with some ‘worrisome’ U.S. government agency data. From the Energy Information Administration to the Department of Agriculture to the Department of Labor to the Department of Commerce, there appears to be a confluence of weak data that – according to a few sources – signals the U.S. could […]