The U.S. Economy Hits Record Highs – How Should Investors React?

U.S. economic output reaches recorded breaking numbers, while self-driving cars break new ground and news of a potential new, hawkish Fed Chair candidate surface. How could these stories and others impact your investments? Get the answers in this week’s edition of the Steady Investor’s Week. The U.S. Economy on Firm Footing – U.S. economic output […]

Bitcoin Could Be Risky Business

Matthew W. from Virginia Beach, VA asks: Hi Mitch, I’m curious what your thoughts are on bitcoin. It seems like the “digital world” is the future for just about everything, and something like bitcoin could really continue taking off. I know it can be highly risky to invest, but could it make sense to put […]

How Should You Invest for Retirement?

Guaranteed pensions are becoming almost a thing of the past, as more and more employers are switching to defined-contribution plans, such as 401(k). Should retirees mourn the shift. Read on to find out… Are You Worried About Your 401(k)? A Wall Street Journal article published in January suggests that some of the earliest proponents of […]

Ecommerce Leads to the End of an Era

What are the odds of a December rate hike? Could your gym be going virtual? And what can big box stores teach you about investing? Get all the details in this edition of Steady Investor’s Week… Will the Fed’s “Unwinding” Impact the Markets? – The Federal Reserve met this week and decided on Wednesday to […]

Storms vs. Stock Market

Hurricanes, superstorms, floods…in whatever form they come, they can be devastating events resulting in significant economic hardship for local communities. It is impossible to overstate the difficulty these communities are likely to endure as they work to rebuild their homes and resume living normal lives. Our thoughts go out to all of those affected. When […]