3 Critical Macro Factors You Need to Watch Now

Making smart, informed investment decisions really involves a two-part process, in my view. The first part is looking at the macroeconomic environment – this tells you whether the global economy is generally expected to grow (i.e., whether stocks have a path higher). It means looking at metrics like GDP, inflation, interest rates, velocity of money, […]

Bull Market Losing Steam – How Should You Position Your Portfolio?

What does “Late Cycle” economic expansion mean for your investments and how could this affect small-caps and large-caps? Learn more in this week’s edition of Steady Investor’s Week… Are Small-Caps Due for a Turnaround? Looking purely at equity market indices, it becomes clear that small-caps have had a difficult run of it in 2017. The S&P […]

As the Fed Unwinds its Balance Sheet, Will Your Mortgage be Affected?

The Federal Reserve has expressed plans to unwind its holdings of U.S. Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities (MBS). This “taper” will not happen overnight, and will likely begin after the Fed funds rate hike cycle is “well underway,” according to the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). But mortgage bond markets seem to be responding already. The […]

What You Really Need to Know about Earnings

Q2 earnings season is now in full swing, and there is arguably quite a bit riding on this quarter and this year’s earnings season, given the rather muted data seen in 2016 of +0.8% earnings growth on +2.1% higher revenues. The Energy sector was still largely to blame for last year’s fairly dismal aggregate earnings […]

July Marks Another Solid Month for US Jobs

It has happened again. The U.S. has created more jobs than most people expected according to the July employment report. The jobs market is considered one of the most important indicators of economic health, and the latest employment figures sure offer a solidly promising (if not phenomenal) picture. According to the latest data from the […]