How Should You Invest for Retirement?

Guaranteed pensions are becoming almost a thing of the past, as more and more employers are switching to defined-contribution plans, such as 401(k). Should retirees mourn the shift. Read on to find out… Are You Worried About Your 401(k)? A Wall Street Journal article published in January suggests that some of the earliest proponents of […]

Is a Bear Market Around the Corner?

Due to recent events this month, investors are in no mood to rejoice. Stocks dipped and Treasuries surged last month as markets grappled with a barrage of ‘headlines.’ Is this the beginning of the end for the year’s equity bull? Read on to get all the details … Stock Rally Snaps…Is a Bear Around the Corner? […]

Healthcare in Retirement is Getting Costlier…Are Your Prepared?

Baby boomers take note. Your healthcare in retirement may have just gotten pricier, as suggested by a recent study. Will that affect your financial ‘health?’ Find out, in this week’s Steady Investor News… Healthcare in Retirement is Getting Costlier…Is Your Nest Egg Covered? You may face some of the biggest expenses in retirement, and healthcare […]

Amazon’s Latest Ammo Could Affect Grocery Retail

U.S. grocery retail had a disruption of sorts this week, thanks to one firm’s seemingly insatiable appetite to grow. Will it rain discounts for grocery shoppers? What does this mean for supermarkets’ profitability? What should investors be paying attention to? Get the insights in this week’s Steady Investor News… After crushing traditional retail stores’ margins […]

As the Fed Unwinds its Balance Sheet, Will Your Mortgage be Affected?

The Federal Reserve has expressed plans to unwind its holdings of U.S. Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities (MBS). This “taper” will not happen overnight, and will likely begin after the Fed funds rate hike cycle is “well underway,” according to the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). But mortgage bond markets seem to be responding already. The […]

July Marks Another Solid Month for US Jobs

It has happened again. The U.S. has created more jobs than most people expected according to the July employment report. The jobs market is considered one of the most important indicators of economic health, and the latest employment figures sure offer a solidly promising (if not phenomenal) picture. According to the latest data from the […]

Are Investors Treading Dangerous Waters?

Are U.S. investors addicted to domestic equities? Among major developed countries, U.S. investors’ portfolios have the largest proportion of domestic exposure. But with skyrocketing valuations, are investors treading dangerous waters? As of December 2014, the share of home equities in U.S. investors’ portfolios was 79% – the highest among Canada, the U.K., Australia and Japan, […]

Wall Street Post Profits Near Pre-Crisis Highs

Rising above debates on regulations and their impact on the banking sector, the top U.S. banks have brought in aggregate profits close to their pre-crisis peak. That happened amid a far less lenient regulatory framework compared to before the crisis. To curb excessive risks taken by financial institutions, the previous government made sweeping changes in […]