Are You Saving Enough for Retirement?

Retirement should not scare you, as long as you have saved for it. But, that’s where many people seem to be lagging behind. Studies show that Americans are not saving enough, while traditional sources of retirement income (from employers and government) are facing challenges. Defined benefit plans from employers have almost become obsolete in the […]

Is the Tech Sector Turning Sour?

The U.S. technology sector was raging in their rally until Friday – when investors decided to pull the brakes. So, is the party over for tech stocks, or is this just an inevitable correction? As the best performing sector in the S&P 500 this year, U.S. Technology stocks have quickly become fund managers’ darlings. According […]

Are Stocks and Bonds Giving Contradicting Signals About Investor Sentiment?

U.S. stocks are rallying. But so are bonds! Increasing stock prices signal investor optimism about risk assets, but compressed bond yields reflect a rush to ‘safety’–  both of these are happening at the same time. So, are investors confused? Or, is there more to this seeming paradox? Is the Reflation Euphoria Losing its Steam? The […]

Don’t Fall Prey to This Investing Mistake – Netflix’ Rags to Riches Story

Netflix completes 15-years since it went public, registering a five-figure percentage return along the way! According to the company’s investor relations site, anyone who had invested $1,000 in Netflix shares on its May 23, 2002 IPO and held onto the holdings so far, has earned a return of more than +14,000% (taking into account dividend […]