Do you Know the 4 Biggest Market Risks?

There is no such thing as investing in the equities markets without assuming risk. Sometimes the risks are high, sometimes they are marginal. But, one characteristic is consistent: there is always risk. Here are the four biggest ones we see in the global equities markets today, looking ahead for the balance of 2017: Valuations + […]

Is Europe Ready for a Taper?

How can the headlines affect your investments? Learn more in this week’s Steady Investor’s Week… Is Europe Ready for a Taper? – the European Central Bank (ECB) decided to keep interest rates at zero this week, and they also made no changes to their quantitative easing (bond buying) program designed to stimulate the economy. In […]

Are Investors Turning Skittish?

Strong performance in the theaters translates into strong performance in the stock market while tension builds with Russia and China gets a boost. Get all the details in this edition of Steady Investor’s Week… Blockbuster Returns? – The U.S. consumer makes up nearly two-thirds of the domestic economy, and we’ve been spending healthily throughout this […]

Fed Minutes Are More Telling than Usual

Last week was packed with news from President Trump discussing foreign policy with Chinese President Xi Jinping to Jeffery Lacker resigning from the Federal Reserve Bank and the Fed Minutes telling us a little more than usual. How could these stories affect your investments? Get all the details in this edition of Steady Investor’s Week… Strong […]