For more than 25 years, Zacks has provided investment management to public and Taft-Hartley pensions, foundations and family offices.

What makes us different?

Because of the vertical alignment with one of the largest independent equity research firms, Zacks Investment Management has access to a large team of analysts, data sets and analytical tools.

This advantage has allowed the organization to identify several investment anomalies. Each of Zacks investment strategies has strong underpinnings in one these anomalies and has been vigorously trialed and tested using 35-years of institutionalized knowledge and economic intuition.

Zacks Investment Management uses data provided by its parent company, Zacks Investment Research.  This allows for the investment team to receive data that is standardized and scrubbed to tailored specifications to meet evolving needs.  Because the data and models used are created within the organization, it can be expected that the investment team’s results may be apart from most of “Wall Street.”