Zacks has expertise on earnings and utilizes earnings estimate revisions as the cornerstone of our investment philosophy. Over the years many investors, like you, have been seeking an efficient and effective way to capitalize on this research. The Zacks Funds follow a disciplined, time-tested approach which relies on our objective independent research.

Zacks Small Cap Core

The Zacks Small Cap Core fund seeks to generate excess return over the market by investing in small-cap companies that we believe possess attractive risk-return characteristics

Zacks Dividend

The Zacks Dividend Fund seeks returns from both capital appreciation and dividends.

Zacks All-Cap Core

The Zacks All Cap Core fund invests in companies that we believe offers superior earnings growth potential based on our earnings-driven research model.


Zacks Market Neutral

The Zacks Market Neutral fund is designed to minimize potential exposure to overall equity market risk and generate positive returns in both rising and falling markets.