Our Approach

Learn what you need, before you invest

We believe comprehensive wealth management involves five key components which differentiate our approach from other wealth management firms. These components are built on common sense and expertise, while they may not be the latest fad, it’s what makes Zacks Investment Management remarkable.  We think you’ll agree.

Five Simple Steps

Speak with a Dedicated Zacks Investment Advisor

Start with a simple, no pressure conversation about your financial objectives—what you want to accomplish with your investments, and what type of relationship you want to build with a investment advisor. In this initial stage, we are just here to listen and to answer your questions, not to pressure you into making a decision right away. Request materials from us and learn more.

Evaluate Your Financial Objectives

If you’re interested in seeing what Zacks Investment Management would recommend for you, the next step is to evaluate your financial situation and your objectives. A detailed discussion will look at:

  • Your Objectives: Growth? Capital Preservation? Growth and Income?
  • Your Current Financial Situation:
    • Assets and Liabilities
    • Investments and Current Asset Allocation
    • Income Needs and Cash Flow Situation
    • Tax Considerations
    • Estate Planning Goals
    • Your Risk Tolerance

You will not be placed in a pre-determined allocation bucket – everyone’s financial situation is different, and your investment objectives and risk tolerance are uniquely your own.

Strategy Recommendations and Customization

We then recommend a diversified asset allocation designed to reflect your individual investment needs. The recommended portfolio will account for your specific investment needs, such as the need for income, tax considerations, or your desire to include or exclude certain companies. In this step, we will show you how Zacks Investment Management would allocate your portfolio across style, asset class, and the percentages we would devote to each.

Building Your Portfolio

Once you’ve reviewed our recommendations and decided that you would like to move forward with Zacks Investment Management, we will implement your customized portfolio using a variety of equity and fixed income strategies, covering a wide spectrum of asset classes and styles, giving you broad diversification. Many of our strategies use the power of our proven proprietary ranking models.

Review and Rebalance

Your personal Investment Advisor will review your portfolio with you on a regular basis, will be there to answer your financial or market-related questions, and will provide you with performance reviews as frequently as you need. Your Investment Advise will also communicate any changes to your financial situation to a member of the Zacks Investment Committee, so we can ensure that your portfolio changes with your needs.

Learn more about our investing approach.