Client Scenarios

The Word Is Out On How Zack's Investment Turned The Tide

Scott and Anna

  1. Financial Situation

    • Married couple, both age 65
    • Have $1,000,000 in retirement assets (IRAs, 401(k)s)
    • Have $250,000 in taxable assets
    • Ready to retire in 2 years, but do not need cash flows until age 70 because of other savings
    • Seeking long-term growth, are both in good health with longevity in the family (life expectancy = 90 years old)
    • Conservative risk tolerance Scott and Anna have a lot of equity investment experience, but they want a more conservative asset location during retirement.
    • No restrictions

Lauren and David

  1. Financial Situation

    • Married Couple, age 57
    • Have $5,000,000 in liquid assets:
      • $1,000,000 in rollover IRAs
      • $1,000,000 in a joint (JTWROS) account
      • $3,000,000 in 401(k)s
    • No cash flow needs for 10 years
    • Seeking long-term growth
    • Want to be tax efficient in the taxable account where possible
    • Restrictions: don’t want to invest in oil companies or tobacco
    • Moderate risk tolerance


  1. Financial Situation

    • Single parent, age 39, marketing and design
    • Has $1,000,000 in liquid assets
    • Has a goal of setting aside money for college but also want to continue growing assets for retirement
    • Overall, wants long-term growth and is ok with high equity exposure
    • No restrictions


  1. Financial Situation

    • Single, parent, age 48, engineer
    • Has $1,300,000 in liquid assets
    • $200,000 in money markets; $300,000 in a self-directed 401(k)
    • Inherited $600,000 in cash
    • Has no intention of retiring, interested in consulting work later in life
    • Seeking long-term growth, and has a high risk tolerance
    • No restrictions


These “Client Scenarios” are for illustrative purposes only. These are not actual clients nor does this information represent actual client information or ZIM’s ability to achieve your goals.