We Build Results-Oriented, Customized Portfolios

Put our time tested strategies to work in a portfolio built just for you.

In 1978, Len Zacks published a seminal article which first documented the value of using earnings estimate revisions to select stocks. His firm, Zacks Investment Research, sprang from that highly influential paper. Other innovations followed: the concept of the EPS surprise — now widely used in the investment industry – and the Zacks Rank, a proprietary stock-ranking model which is at the core of the Zacks investment philosophy.

Over the past 35 years, we haven’t stopped improving on the underlying concepts. Today, our staff of PhDs develops and refines our own proprietary quantitative models and reviews hundreds of academic investment research articles each year in order to uncover new insights into making investment decisions.

We believe our strategies, consistently applied, give portfolios the ability to best unmanaged benchmarks over time. Click here learn more about our strategies.

A Responsive, Custom-Built Portfolio, Tailored for You

However, we go beyond just offering a range of portfolios. Every investor is different, from goals and time horizon to tax situation and tolerance for volatility. Your Zacks Investment Advisor will confer with you and get to know your individual needs. Then we’ll construct a portfolio that reflects the way YOU want to invest, taking into account several critical factors:

  • Wealth Preservation
  • Income Strategies
  • Aggressive Growth
  • Tax Conscious Asset Allocation

Then, just as our investment process continually seeks to improve performance, our service process seeks to continually fine tune your portfolio to adapt to your changing needs:

Your Complete Satisfaction is Our Goal

Our approach is designed to provide you with both confidence and peace of mind. You know exactly how and why your portfolio is constructed the way it is. And you know that if your situation changes, or you ever have any questions about how your money is invested, you can contact your personal Investment Advisor and get answers – even if they need to come from the investment committee itself.

The Zacks approach has been valued by institutional and high net worth investors for decades. We hope you’ll contact us today to find out how the Zacks approach can work for you. Simply click on the link below.

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