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Welcome to Zacks Investment Management. We are a respected leader in wealth management and known for providing clients with customizable investment plans and comprehensive wealth management services, based on their unique needs.
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At Zacks Investment Management, everything we do is focused to pursue the potential in your investment portfolio.



We’re trusted by our clients because we provide advice that is built on our extensive research from our parent company, along with our Investment Committee’s combined 100 years of investment experience.



Zacks Investment Management’s parent firm is Zacks Investment Research, which means we have access to one of the largest independent research providers in the United States. Our research is done by a dedicated research staff that is constantly looking forward to ensure trends are identified and more importantly why they are happening.


Strategic Planning

Your assets will not be placed in a static, pre-determined “lifestyle fund” or in a one-size-fits-all asset allocation that you find at other investment firms. Whatever stage of retirement planning you are you are in, we can help.

Zacks Investment Resources

Resource Library

Resource Library

Here at Zacks Investment Management, we like to ensure that our clients are provided with the latest news, research, articles and webinars on retirement. We believe keeping our clients informed is one reason we are unique.

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Zacks Stock Market Outlook Report

Zacks Stock Market Outlook Report

On a monthly basis, we provide our clients with this extensive and comprehensive investment report written and researched by Dr. John Blank. John has a wealth of investment knowledge, that extends beyond the United States. John has a PhD. from Harvard University in Economics and a B.A. in Economics from Northwestern University.

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Mitch on the Markets

Mitch on the Markets

We strive to keep our clients informed of news and analysis, which may impact their investment decisions. We provide clients with a weekly commentary written by Mitch Zacks. Our Stock Market Outlook Report is offered on a weekly basis at no cost and is written by Mitch Zacks, who is our Director and Portfolio Manager. Mitch has a B.A. in Economics from Yale University and an M.B.A in Analytic Finance from the University of Chicago.

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Zacks Investment Management Earns PSN Manager of the Decade

The All Cap Core Strategy is no stranger to the PSN Top Guns rank; however, this achievement is a true testament to the validity of our fundamental investing philosophy and process.

PSN, produced by Informa Investment Solutions, is one of the leading investment manager search and evaluation databases to be offered industry wide. Since 1984, firms included in PSN have been some of the major players of the investment management business. For more information regarding the Top Guns List, you may visit

Who We Are

Zacks Investment Management, a wealth management boutique formed in 1992, is a leading expert on earnings and using earnings estimates in the investment process. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of our parent company, Zacks Investment Research, one of the largest providers of independent research in the U.S.