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What is the Zacks
Private Client Group?

With the markets as complex and volatile as they are, the only thing more valuable than timely market data is having a process to act on it.

We established the Zacks Private Client Group to make the research we produce, and the processes we use to make investment decisions, available to individual investors who are not only investing for their own interests, but also for their family’s future.

Our private client services are designed for those who want to make data-driven decisions within a risk-controlled framework that has been tried, tested and proven for decades.

Private Client Group

“We leverage the data from our industry-leading parent firm to provide private clients with deep insight, valuable resources, and confidence that your portfolio will drive your and your family’s future.”

Mitch Zacks, MBA
CEO, Senior Portfolio Manager
Diagram showing proprietary independent research and proven investment process feeding into your portfolio.

The Private Client Experience

Blog and Resource Library

We are a research-driven firm. We publish hundreds of individual insights and reports each year - from the widely read Mitch on the Markets, to our in-depth monthly stock market report.

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